Player Ratings: Mohun Bagan Super Giant: Mohun Bagan SG vs. Machhindra FC

Mohun Bagan Super Giant has achieved an easy win against Nepalese side Machhindra FC in an AFC Cup Qualifiers Playoff match. MBSG managed to get a comfortable 3-1 victory with total dominance. For MBSG, Anwar Ali scored a brace, and the other one came from Australian World Cupper Jason Cummings.

Mohun Bagan SG vs. Machhindra FC:

Player Ratings: Mohun Bagan Super Giant:

  • Vishal Kaith: 6.0

As Mohun Bagan SG’s defense was solid throughout the match, Vishal did not have to face any serious problems. But at the time of Messouke’s amazing free kick, Vishal simply had nothing to do.

  • Asish Rai: 6.0

During the first phase of the match, Asish Rai was brilliant through the flanks. Asish’s quick run and inch-perfect crosses created  threat in the opponent’s defense. But, as the match went forward, Asish’s performance faded away.

  • Anwar Ali: 8.5

Since his debut with Mohun Bagan SG, Anwar has been brilliant at the defensive line. In the clash with Machhindra FC, Anwar scored a brilliant header that gave Mohun Bagan an early lead. He also scored another goal with a superb headed flick that sealed the game for Mohun Bagan.

Besides his goal-scoring contribution, Anwar has displayed an excellent defensive job that helped his team keep the lead.

  • Brendan Hamill: 7.5

Anwar’s defensive partner, Brendan Hamill, also had a very good game against Machhindra FC. Anwar and Hamil’s partnership neutralized Machhindra FC’s offensive threats and helped Mohun Bagan SG to get a comfortable win.

  • Subashish Bose: 6.5

Mohun Bagan SG captain Subashish Bose did not look good in the attacking third and also missed a goal-scoring opportunity from a dead-ball situation. But Bose was solid in the back.

  • Glan Martins: 6

Glan has performed the job he was instructed to do. The midfielder has displayed quite a good performance at the centre of the park with his high pressing and good ball control ability, but he could not make any offensive impact.

  • Anirudh Thapa: 7

Thapa controlled Mohun Bagan’s midfield in both offensive and defensive ways. His long passes, build-up play, and high work rate helped his team to control the midfield and display a dominant performance against Machhindra FC.

  • Sahal Abdul Samad: 7.5

Sahal played well in his natural position as an attacking midfielder. In the final third, Sahal played smart passes and quick one-twos with his teammates, creating goal-scoring opportunities.

  • Hugo Boumous: 7.5

Boumous also played very well and created a lot of promising attacking opportunities. The Boumous-Sahal partnership looked very proactive and innovative throughout the match.

  • Ashique Kuruniyan: 5.0

Ashique dominated the left flank and disturbed the opponent’s defence with his dancing feet. But his finishing touch was frustrating and missed some real opportunities. Ashique was subbed off due to an injury.

  • Jason Cummings: 7.0

The Australian forward looked very sharp with his movement and positioning. He also scored the second goal on a defense-shaking assist from his national teammate, Petratos. As Cummings is not fully fit, his game will improve with each game.


  • Dimitri Petratos: 7.0

Dimitri Petratos came on as a substitute in the 54th minute. After coming in, Dimi controlled the attacking moves and also provided two assists, from which Anwar and Cummings scored goals.

  • Manvir Singh: 5.5

Manvir tried a few runs through the flanks but could not capitalize. He was busy through the right wings but could not complete the final touch.

  • Armando Sadiku: 6.0

Coming on as a substitute, Sadiku tried his best to put his name on the scoresheet but was unable to do so at the end. Though he was decent with his link-up play and smart moves.

  • Liston Colaco: 5

Liston tried to create danger in Machhindra FC’s defensive third but could not make a worthy impact.

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