Provat Lakra extends with Northeast United.

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Indian Super League (ISL) side Northeast United and defender Provat Lakra will stay for another year with the team. He will wear the jersey in the 2021-22 season. Lakra is one of Northeast United’s best performers according to statistics from the last season.

Lakra’s Playing Journey

His hometown club United Sports who play in Calcutta Football League (CFL). It is where his path in football began when he was aged 20. Therefore Pathachakra got him to sign a deal of five years with them. In 2017 the following season, Lakra was on the field playing for the I-League team Gokulam FC.

The made-in Kalyani left-back keeping up his good performance. Playing on the pitch for 15 league games wearing the jersey of Malabarians and proving his worth day in and day out. As a result, just after the 2017-18 I-League season, he started receiving calls from Northeast United. His signing with the Highlanders has deep-rooted secrecy with Lakra’s transfer fee still unknown. He will now again be wearing the jersey.

In his debuting season of the ISL season, he did featuring in six games just before seeing his season-ending because of injury. The following season saw him suffer from another not so minor injury. However, he was performing brilliantly last season with 549 minutes playing 11 matches standing as his total game time. Northeast United was in the playoffs. According to the statistics, Lakra 17 tackles accompanied by 17 interceptions and 24 clearances with six blocks were the closing account of his season.

His extension is because he has been proving to the Highlanders that he is a man who can play in various roles even though he is a full-back. Lakra’s arsenal includes crossings with pin-point accuracy, a pace to run through oppositions, and the sheer ability to play in both the flanks. Lakra can also beat defenders with ease which adds to the help of the attack.

Northeast United are looking forward to signing Spaniard Hernan Santana. Khalid Jamil the man with the plan is guiding the team with various signings. Such as Mohammed Irshad, Mathias Coureur, Jestin George, and Joe Zoherliana .

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