Rajasthan United FC announces the promotion of three academy players to the senior team

Rajasthan United FC

Three exceptional youth players have been promoted to the senior team, and Rajasthan United FC is overjoyed to announce this. This historic choice demonstrates the club’s dedication to developing young talent. And giving them a stage for their growth and development.

The three outstanding athletes who have secured spots on the senior team are:

1. Yash Chikro: Yash is a talented midfielder who is renown for his superb field vision and technical prowess. Yash has repeatedly shown the ability to have a big impact at the senior level after honing his abilities in the Rajasthan United FC academy. Moreover, he now plays for the India U19 squad.

2. Yura Tarung: A versatile defender, Tarung has consistently demonstrated great leadership abilities and defensive prowess. He has however received praise for his ability to analyse plays. Moreover, come up with pivotal interceptions, which makes him an important asset to the senior team. Tarung is capable of playing several positions.

3. Damli Bomnyo: Damli has distinguished himself as a powerful winger inside the academy thanks to his natural instincts for scoring goals and his skills. He has however received due recognition for his commitment and dependability. Moreover he is prepare to leave his imprint at the senior level. He previously competed for Arunchal Pradesh in the Sub Junior and Junior National Championships.

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Director of Rajasthan United FC on this

Kamal Singh Saroha, Rajasthan United FC’s director of football said,” I am delighted to announce the promotion of Yash Chikro , Yura Tarung , and Damli Bomnyo to our senior team. These three talented individuals have shown immense dedication and skill during their time in the academy, and we believe they are ready to take the next step in their football careers. This promotion is a testament to our club’s commitment to nurturing local talent and providing opportunities for young players to thrive. We have full confidence in their abilities and expect them to make valuable contributions to our team. We congratulate Yash , Tarung , and Damli on this achievement. And look forward to witnessing their growth and success at the senior level.”

These three academy lads have demonstrated outstanding dedication, tenacity. And promise both on the practise pitch and in the many events where they have demonstrated their abilities.

 The Rajasthan United FC passionately believes in promoting a culture of development and giving homegrown players a chance to emerge. Moreover, the club’s dedication to its youth development programme and its goal of creating a sustainable future. And however are shown through the advancement of academy players.

The club is eager to see how Yash Chikro, Yura Tarung, and Damli Bomnyo develop. And contribute to the senior team. Their addition however is anticipate to give the team new life and vigour. Moreover improving the club’s performance and ability to compete in the forthcoming season.

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