Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus against the nine clubs

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Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus have reportedly threatened the nine clubs that withdraw from the proposed European Super League. Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, and AC Milan are the clubs that are getting warned by the three remaining clubs. Los Blancos president Florentino Perez might be the chairman of the new proposed competition.

The three clubs are threatening for a legal action against the others. But they face the risk of getting banned from all the official European competitions. The remaining clubs might have to compensate by providing millions of money.

The ‘Big Six’ pulled out from being the founder members as fan protests and other pressures gained ground in the Premier League. However, it seems that the nine clubs will have to pay a huge sum or continue as the founder members.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus – the bad boys of Europe threatening smaller clubs

The European Super League promised to be a great idea after the clubs were happy with the money they get after founding the competition. However, the fans, pundits, former players, players and coaches were against it. Thus, the idea collapsed just within 48 hours.

But, according to New York Times, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are threatening the other nine clubs for a legal fight. However, as per UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, the three may face a two-year ban from the Champions League. He said,

“But for me it’s a clear difference between the English clubs and the other six. They pulled out first, they admitted they made a mistake. You have to have some greatness to say ‘I was wrong,’” 

However, it has been disheartening for the fans as they see money dominating the modern day football. A ban would be heavy for the three clubs as they are three of the most important teams in the UEFA Champions League.

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