Referee Teams for UEFA EURO 2024 Meet the Officials Taking Charge of the Final Tournament in Germany


The upcoming 2024 UEFA European Championship, which most people are referring to as Euro 2024, is scheduled to get underway in Germany on Friday, June 14, when the host nation takes on Scotland in the first group stage match of the final tournament. 

You’ve come to the right place if you have been wondering which officials will be presiding over the 51 matches throughout the tournament. 

Here is everything we know so far about the referees and other UEFA officials who the UEFA Referees’ Committee recently selected to officiate the 51 Euro 2024 football matches. 

What referee teams have been appointed for the UEFA Euro 2024 football tournament?

In April 2024, the UEFA Referees’ Committee revealed the names of the referee teams that will be officiating all 51 Euro 2024 football tournament matches, which includes 19 refereeing teams. 

As part of a cooperation agreement between the UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) and CONMEBOL (the South American Football Confederation), one of the refereeing teams is from Argentina, and the other 18 are official UEFA refereeing teams. 


Here is a list containing the names of the referees and assistant referees and which country they are from:

Refereeing teams

  1. Referee: Michael Oliver. Assistant referees: Dan Cook and Stuart Burt. Nationality: English
  2. Referee: Anthony Taylor. Assistant referees: Gary Beswicj and Adam Nunn. Nationality: English
  3. Referee: François Letexier. Assistant referees: Cyril Mugnier and Mehdi Rahmouni. Nationality: French
  4. Referee: Clément Turpin. Assistant referees: Nicolas Danos and Benjamin Pages. Nationality: French
  5. Referee: Felix Zwayer. Assistant referees: Stefan Lupp and Marco Achmüller. Nationality: German
  6. Referee: Daniel Siebert. Assistant referees: Jan Seidel and Rafael Foltyn. Nationality: German
  7. Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano. Assistant referees: Ángel Nevado Rodriguez and Diego Barbero Sevilla. Nationality: Spanish
  8. Referee: Slavko Vinčić. Assistant referees: Tomaž Klančnik and Andraž Kovačič. Nationality: Slovenian
  9. Referee: Artur Soares Dias. Assistant referees: Pedro Ribeiro and Paulo Soares. Nationality: Portuguese
  10. Referee: Sandro Schärer. Assistant referees: Bekim Zogaj and Stéphane de Almeida. Nationality: Swiss
  11. Referee: Daniele Orsato. Assistant referees: Alessandro Giallatini and Ciro Carbone. Nationality: Italian
  12. Referee: Marco Guida. Assistant referees: Giorgio Peretti and Filippo Meli. Nationality: Italian
  13. Referee: Glenn Nyberg. Assistant referees: Andreas Söderkvist and Mahbod Beigi. Nationality: Swedish
  14. Referee: Halil Umut Meler. Assistant referees: Kerem Ersoy and Mustafa Emre Eyisoy. Nationality: Turkish
  15. Referee: Szymon Marciniak. Assistant referees: Tomasz Listkiewicz and Adam Kupsik. Nationality: Polish
  16. Referee: Danny Makkelie. Assistant referees: Jan de Vries and Hessel Steegstra. Nationality: Dutch
  17. Referee: Ivan Kružliak. Assistant referees: Branislav Hancko and Jan Pozor. Nationality: Slovakian
  18. Referee: István Kovács. Assistant referees: Vasile Florin Marinescu and Mihai Ovidiu Artene. Nationality: Romanian
  19. Referee: Facundo Tello. Assistant referees: Ezequiel Brailovsky and Gabriel Chade. Nationality: Argentinian 

Additionally, UEFA announced the names of twelve support match officials (who can be called upon to act as reserve assistant referees or fourth officials should any of the primary selections be unable to officiate) and twenty video match officials. 


These refereeing teams have been appointed to ensure fair play and smooth conduct throughout the tournament and enhance the transparency of professional football and the integrity of Europe’s official governing body, UEFA. 

People who spend money travelling to watch the matches live at the stadiums and those who will be placing wagers on Euro football betting sites want to know that they are receiving fair and uncorrupted outcomes. 

Roles and responsibilities

To ensure fairness throughout the tournament, the refereeing teams have numerous roles and responsibilities they must adhere to. In preparation for Euro 2024, all appointed officials, including the referees, assistant referees, and video match officials, will undergo a refereeing course. 

It’s scheduled to take place at some point in May in Frankfurt, Germany. This will also be the headquarters/base camp for the referees and assistant referees, but the video match officials will be based at the International Broadcast Centre in Leipzig. 

The appointed refereeing teams were carefully selected based on their consistently high standards in Europe’s top-flight leagues and competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League, Spain’s La Liga, the German Bundesliga, and the English Premier League, to name a few. 

It is unclear yet which matches these refereeing teams will be taking charge of, and it seems as though the refereeing for the Euro 2024 final match will be based on performance throughout the tournament. 

During the training course that the refereeing teams must undertake in Germany, they will watch and analyse videos and simulate/discuss situations that may arise during the competition. 

They must also remain in peak physical condition from start to finish because each refereeing team’s health, psychological condition, and technical abilities will be closely observed and scrutinised throughout the tourney. 

Referees, assistant referees, and video match officials will no doubt come under constant scrutiny, but the careful vetting process and close monitoring are designed to ensure no incorrect decisions, or favouritism of certain teams or players can let the tournament down. 

Fans often overlook the roles of referees, but their importance in ensuring football matches run smoothly cannot be underestimated.   

Facts about the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament

The opening game at the Allianz Arena will see Germany take on Scotland in Group A. Here are several other quick facts about the UEFA European Championship football tournament:

  • Host nation: Germany
  • Euro 2024 dates: June 14 – July 14 2024
  • Teams: 24
  • Venues: 10 (across ten German cities)
  • Favourites: England – based on the latest Euro odds currently being offered by today’s most trusted Euro betting tips website operators
  • Least favourites: Slovakia
  • Current reigning champions (Italy – 2020. They also won in 1968)
  • Most titles: 3x – Germany (1972, 1980, and 1996) and Spain (1964, 2008, and 2012)
  • Organising body: UEFA
  • Tournament founded: 1958

The referees will have a tough job at Euro 2024, and each time they make a decision, they will only please half of the crowd. 

Occasionally, they will make mistakes, which is why the video match officials are also there to back them up and rectify any errors they make. 

Final note

If you decide to watch any Euro 2024 football matches, you should be able to view games on one or two of your local television channels or from various reputable sports streaming websites/apps. 

If you decide to wager on any Euro 2024 games, you can choose from hundreds of competitively priced pre-match Euro betting markets. You can also take advantage of live betting (aka in-play betting services) when the action gets underway. 

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