Renedy Singh to work as Bengaluru FC Assistant Coach


Bengaluru FC have announced the signing of Renedy Singh as their assistant coach for the upcoming Indian Super League season. The former India international and captain has vast experience in the Indian football circuit, having played for and coached several top clubs.

Renedy Singh is a former Indian international footballer who has played for and coached several top clubs in India. He is a highly experienced and respected figure in Indian football, and his appointment as Bengaluru FC’s assistant coach is a major coup for the club. Explore Renedy Singh Bengaluru FC assistant coach.

Renedy Singh: A Distinguished Career Transition to Coaching

Singh has a proven track record of success in Indian football. He has won the I-League twice, the Federation Cup four times, and the Super Cup once. He has also represented India at the international level, winning the Nehru Cup in 2007. Renedy Singh’s transition from a distinguished playing career to coaching is a natural progression for the former Indian football star. Throughout his career, Singh showcased exceptional skills as a midfielder, representing the national team and playing for various clubs, both in India and abroad.

Strengthening the Coaching Staff and also A Valuable Asset

Singh’s experience and knowledge will be a valuable asset to Bengaluru FC. He is a strong leader and motivator, and he has a deep understanding of the Indian game. He will be able to help the team improve their performance and achieve their goals. With the addition of Renedy Singh to the coaching staff, Bengaluru FC strengthens its technical setup. Singh’s expertise and understanding of the game will be instrumental in enhancing the team’s tactics, player development, and overall performance. As an assistant coach, he will work closely with the head coach, bringing fresh perspectives and valuable insights


In conclusion, Renedy Singh’s arrival as Bengaluru FC’s assistant coach brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the team. Moreover, his successful transition from an illustrious playing career to coaching positions him perfectly to guide and mentor the players. As Bengaluru FC strives for excellence on and off the field, Singh’s expertise will play a pivotal role in strengthening. Also, the coaching staff and helping the team achieve its ambitions. Furthermore, with Singh’s influence, the future looks promising as Bengaluru FC continues to grow and evolve under his guidance. Undoubtedly, he will be a valuable asset to the team, propelling them to challenge for the ISL title in the upcoming 2023-24 season.

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