RoundGlass Punjab FC 0-0 Mohammedan SC: Post-Match Analysis

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Mohammedan SC was held to draw for the second time in a row, RoundGlass Punjab FC fails to score against Mohammedan SC and the match ends in a 0-0 draw at Kalyani Stadium in the I-League.

This goalless draw has affected both the teams, as the Black Panthers are currently third in the I-League table and RoundGlass Punjab fails to climb up the table and stays in the eighth position.

Despite the goalless draw, the match was cagey and had end to end action.

RoundGlass Punjab FC 0-0 Mohammedan SC: TEAM NEWS

Punjab’s head coach Kurtis Fleming for the first time this season came with the (3-4-3) formation, having three center backs with four mid-fielders two central and two roaming.

The Black Panthers used the classic orthodox formation(4-3-3) with Faiaz and Nigam as the wingers, however, both got substituted later in the match and Checho and Bikash were brought up in place of them.

RoundGlass Punjab FC 0-0 Mohammedan SC: MATCH-ANALYSIS

In a cagey first half that with end-to-end action, But no clear goal scoring chances were created, the teams often diffused each other’s attacks in the midfield. Mohammedan SC were aggressive early in the match However Punjab did well in soaking up the pressure and played on the counter. The constant pressing of Mohammedan SC created problems for Punjab.

The Black Panthers got a golden opportunity earlier in the when Ahmed Nigam shot the ball venomously from inside of the box but failed to find any way as the defenders were everywhere inside the box.

Despite the end-to-end action, in the match, both teams failed to capitalize as the through balls were easily getting cleared by the defense of both teams. RoundGlass Punjab FC dominated possession in the latter stages of the first half, while Mohammedan sat back and rarely committed bodies ahead and the first half ended without any goal.

The second half was no different, as both teams were equally closing each other down in the middle of the park and failing to release the final ball that could result in a goal. It seemed like Neither of the teams wanted to lose.

Even after The Panthers substitutions, they failed to cause any threat and the game ended in a 0-0 draw.


Ruivah Hormipam: Our own Indian Defender Hormipam stood like a rock and didn’t let anything pass through him. This stellar performance wins him the hero of the match.

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