Sevilla penalized with stadium closure after Sergio Ramos insult incident

Sevilla FC

Sevilla FC will be required to close two sections of their stadium after their appeal against the sanction was rejected. The punishment relates to incidents that occurred during a Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid in 2017. Where the fans were to blame for using derogatory language and singing offensive songs.

Sergio Ramos was a beloved figure in Sevilla during his early career as a promising young player. However, since transferring to Real Madrid, his relationship with the club deteriorated gradually. The tension came to a head during the 2017 Copa del Rey match, which Real Madrid won 6-3 on aggregate after a 3-3 draw. Ramos, who scored a late penalty to level the score from 3-1 down, celebrated with cupping his ears towards the Sevilla fans. Thus, exacerbating the strained relations between him and his former club.

Following Ramos’ provocative celebration, he faced a barrage of insults from the Sevilla fans in the stands. Initially, Sevilla attempted to take action against Ramos for his gestures, but their efforts were futile. Later on, the club found themselves fighting against their own punishment. For the offensive language and behavior displayed from the fans of Sevilla during the match.

How much will the stadium closure affect Sevilla?

Sevilla confirmed in a statement released to the media that the N1 and N12 sections of the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium will be unavailable for the next match against Celta Vigo. The decision was made after the club accepted the punishment handed to them. This happened six years after the incident during the Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid.

In light of recent incidents of racist abuse in football, it is understandable that the punishment was harsh. The closure of sections of the stadium will affect many members of the club’s fanbase. The recent case of Vinicius Junior, who suffered racial abuse during a match, highlights the need for consistent and appropriate action to be taken against such behavior in football. The severity of the punishment imposed on Sevilla may prompt other players and clubs to call for further action. This is to further to address issues of racism and discrimination in the sport.

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