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Siby Paulose is Kerala’s first female football club president. She aims to identify talent early, develop it, and spread enthusiasm for the game. Moreover, she established a Football Nursery at her Muvattupuzha-based club for children aged three to six years.

However, International Women’s Day was on Wednesday. On that day the Nammude Muvattupuzha Council is a forum of academics and concerned citizens. Nirmala College honoured Siby Paulose, who was honoured as the State’s first female president of a football club. However,she was honoured at the launch of the Muvattupuzha Dialogues Summit. Its an annual series of lectures held in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

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Ms. Paulose was elected president of the Muvattupuzha Football Club. Among a membership of 116, with only two women. However, the club was founded 17 years ag. It has helped to instill a love of the game in young people. Ms. Paulose hopes to take football to the next level, beginning with a football nursery for children aged three to six.

“Our goal is to identify talents early, hone their skills, and spread football love,” Ms. Paulose told The Hindu on Wednesday. Moreover, she would like to see more football tournaments organised to attract young people to competitive football.

Siby wears many hats:-

Ms. Paulose has many hats to wear in her life. One of them is being the president of a football club. As a mother of two,

She divides her time between her family and her public activities as the mother of a special child.

However, she began her career as a social worker for the Muvattupuzha Catholic diocese. It was before moving on to Caritas India, the charity arm of the Catholic Church in India. She is now a consultant and counsellor on her own.

However, she claims to be optimistic about the status of women. They must be encouraged to advance in life. Regardless of the roles they choose or the areas of activity in which they find themselves. “In fact, more women should be presidents of football clubs. Especially in football-crazed districts like Malappuram, Kozhikode, and Kannur,” she says.

Her enthusiasm for sports, particularly football, is fueled by her husband. Jolly K. Varghese is a footballer himself. She admires I.M. Vijayan, a State football legend who has also inspired her.

“The Qatar World Cup has done a world of good for football in the State,” she says. And adding that the spirit it has sparked should be used to popularise the game. Moreover, taking it to professional and competitive levels.

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