Som Kumar opens up on challenges faced while living overseas and adapting new lifestyle

Som Kumar, 18, a talented football player from India, has embarked on a remarkable journey that many aspiring athletes dream of. Currently, Som is a member of the Indian U-20 squad and is playing for NK Olimpija Ljubljana U-19s, in Slovenia.

“My goal ever since my childhood is to play in Europe, but when I joined the camp, I did have a personal talk with Felix D’Souza, the Indian youth team Goalkeeping coach.

After we got to know that the AFC Championship was canceled, he spoke to me and said that it was best to go to Europe.

After that, it was just clear in my head that I need to move out of India and get to Europe, which helps to improve my game,” said Som Kumar in an interview.

The journey to Europe was not easy for Som Kumar. He had the support of his mentor, Satyajit Sadanandan. Satyajit has been working with him from when he played in the I-League state competitions. Satyajit recognized his potential and felt that he was ready to move abroad. He got in touch with agents in Slovenia, and that’s when Som Kumar’s European dream began to take shape.

Role of the Parents of Som Kumar

Son Kumar’s parents played a crucial role in instilling the right mindset and work ethic in him. Their constant encouragement has been the driving force behind his pursuit of excellence.

Som Kumar admits that being away from home is one of the most significant challenges he faces. Som Kumar believes that the key to overcoming this hurdle is maintaining a laser-like focus on his training and matches. He says,

“I don’t think that any cons you could say with the training and with the games because, yes, it is mostly off the pitch, and I have a hard time staying away from home.

I grew up in India, but as long as I have training and as long as I have matches, uh, that’s where my focus is.

Handling difficult situations is a crucial skill, especially when living in a foreign country far from home. The challenges that come with living overseas are no match for his determination to succeed. While being away from his country, he has found a way to maintain his unwavering commitment to his footballing career.

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