Sonam Bhattacharya says “Be kind and civil to each other.”

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Sonam Bhattacharya issued a call to abandon hatred and embrace compassion.

“How did we forget to be kind to, and civil with each other in the thick of football, competition, passion, and support?” wrote Sonam Bhattacharya on Twitter after receiving a string of abusive remarks from Kerala Blasters FC supporters on social media.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll remember Sunil Chhetri’s disputed goal. Scored the goal in the Indian Super League 2022-23 knockout match. However, the match was between Bengaluru FC and Kerala Blasters FC on 3 March 2023 at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium.

The rapid free-kick in extra time took KBFC off surprise, and after loud protestations, Ivan Vukomanovic walked off the ground with his team. Crystal John, the referee, sounded the whistle and declared BFC the victors. Chastised him for his decision throughout the game.

Following the outcome, there were several angry remarks on social media directed towards Sunil Chhetri and his wife from the KBFC crowd. It was horrible to see such hateful words directed at the renowned captain of the Indian national team.

The message of Sonam Bhattacharya:-

Sunil Chhetri’s wife finally answered in a recent tweet, offering her perspective on the entire situation. “I genuinely hope that you have left behind all of your hate, toxic ideas, and fury on social media, and that you are at home in peace with loved ones,” she wrote. I hope you accomplished your desired result by insulting and threatening the family.”

She went on to say that Kerala is a wonderful state with beautiful people. However,getting threatening texts will not alter her opinion of the place. “Kerala is a wonderful state with friendly and inviting people,” she remarked.

Finally, Sonam argued for the adoption of compassion over all other feelings that football evokes. “With all the emotions that football evokes, let’s maintain kindness at the top of that list until the final whistle is blown,” she wrote in her tweet.

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