We Believe in Them: Stimac Laud Fernandes’ Work with India U-17s”

Igor Stimac
Stimac Laud Fernandes' Work with India U-17s

In a testament to his unwavering belief in the future of Indian football, Igor Stimac. The senior national team coach has also applauded the exceptional work of Bibiano Fernandes with the India U-17 squad. Also, Stimac Work with India U-17s. Undeniably Fernandes’ contributions have been invaluable in nurturing and harnessing the potential of the young players. Stimac’s recognition highlights the value of a robust youth development system for Indian football’s long-term prosperity. Fernandes’ efforts exemplify the significance of nurturing young talent for sustained success in Indian football. On the other hand, Explore the remarkable collaboration as Stimac acknowledges and praises Fernandes’ work with India U-17s, demonstrating belief in their potential and development. that’s Witness the impact of their dedication on the future of Indian football.

Stimac Lauds Fernandes’ Work with India U-17s: Belief in the Future

Esteemed coach Igor Stimac showers praise on Bibiano Fernandes for his exceptional work. Obviously, with the India U-17 national team. Not but not least Stimac’s admiration for Fernandes’ dedication to shaping and nurturing young talents underscores his strong belief in the promising future of Indian football. The collaboration between the two coaches has proven to be instrumental in fostering growth and development. With the U-17 squad, instilling confidence, and laying the foundation for success at higher levels of the sport.

Building a Strong Foundation for Indian Football’s Future with U-17s

Fernandes’ work transcends immediate success, with a focus on long-term player development and building a solid foundation for Indian football. His dedication to creating a nurturing environment instills discipline. And also fostering a growth mindset sets a strong precedent. Also for the future of the sport in the country. With the endorsement from Stimac, the significance of Fernandes’ work becomes even more pronounced. Evenly inspiring both players and football enthusiasts alike while propelling Indian football toward greater heights.


Finally, national team coach Stimac lauds Fernandes’ outstanding efforts as coach of the India U-17 team. Fernandes’ revolutionary coaching style, paired with the U-17 team’s significant achievements. And also demonstrates the excellent impact he has had on Indian football. Positively, the future seems bright for these young players with the proper support and direction. On the other side, Fernandes’ legacy will be an important component in their route to senior success.

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