The atmosphere inside Liverpool has changed after the exit of two players


After a rather underwhelming campaign last season, an upheaval, and a change in approach looked necessary for Liverpool. There were a lot of departures in the summer, some expected, some not.

One of the unexpected ones was the exit of club captain Jordan Henderson. Vice captain James Milner also left, resulting in the club needing new captains. Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold stepped into their shoes.

According to the Liverpool ECHO, this has actually led to a positive difference inside the club. They claim that while Henderson and Milner in particular were known for their tendency to punish missteps such as being late or using mobile phones, Van Dijk and Trent have eased off on this.

Rather, the two new leaders are said to have been keen to ‘foster a culture of collective responsibility.’ It’s claimed that a more ‘serene’ atmosphere has taken hold within Liverpool.

The new style is different but not necessarily better

A change away from Hendo and Milner’s disciplinarian approach was perhaps needed. However, it’s effectiveness should not be forgotten based on just one bad season. Liverpool became one of the best clubs under their leadership. Their leadership allowed Jurgen Klopp to ease a little as the dressing room took care of itself.

The new approach at Liverpool is yet to be tested

Liverpool are doing pretty good at the moment and the new leadership approach seems to be working well. However, the real test will be if the Reds are able to win anything with this new-look approach.

So far, things have been going well. But when the going gets tough, perhaps Virgil and Trent will need to find some of that Hendo and Milly spirit. Thankfully, they still have Andy Robertson around. If anyone is to fill that role, you feel it’ll be the Scotland captain. Until then, this new, ‘serene’ Liverpool seems to be working.

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