The Malyasia FA has confirmed India’s participation in the Merdeka Cup

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Following a 10-year absence, Malaysia , India, Palestine, and Lebanon will compete in the famous competition.

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has confirmed that four countries would compete in the 42nd edition of the Merdeka Cup in October 2023. They are Palestine, Lebanon, India, and hosts Malaysia.

The tournament’s most recent edition took place in 2013. The Merdeka Cup was one of Asia’s oldest international football events. It is also one of the most renowned on the region. In the 1960s, Indian legends PK Banerjee and Tulsidas Balram competed in the competition.

Before, there were rumours that Malaysia will not invite India to compete in the Mederka Cup. “When we were in Malaysia a few months ago, it was settled that India will be a part of the Merdeka Cup whenever it comes,” Shaji Prabhakaran told Sportsar.

Suddenly, some bogus news caused consternation. Thus, they (Malaysian FA) recently stated that India will be present.” The tournament’s specific dates are yet to be revealed.

India’s 2023 schedule(Malaysia)

In 1957 initiated the Merdeka Cup. And it continued yearly until 1988. The Blue Tigers finished the second twice, in 1959 and 1964. Igor Stimac’s men will have a busy schedule leading up to the Asian Cup.

In the March FIFA window, India will play two friendlies against Burma and Kyrgyzstan Republic, followed by the Intercontinental Cup in June or July. In addition, India will host the SAFF Championships in June (dates have yet to be determined).

The previously postponed 2022 Asian Games will now take place in September in China.

Only U-23 players and a few older players are often sent to continental events. According to Igor Stimac, the Blue Tigers will begin preparations for the Asian Cup in December (if the tournament is to be held in January).

The previously postponed 2022 Asian Games will now take place in September in China.

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