Thiago Silva happy with Chelsea after UEFA Champions League victory

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Thiago Silva finished his contract with PSG last summer and joined Chelsea. He could not be happier with his decision since he’s now won the Champions League with Chelsea. Silva spent eight years in the shirt of PSG where he won the French Championship seven times. He dreamt of one day winning the Champions League. His wish came true after only one season with Premier League club Chelsea.

The Brazilian has many personal and professional qualities that allow him to excel in his job. He is calm, diligent, and has a very good understanding of the game which allows him to be very effective. Moreover, he is very fast. Silva has no difficulty in projecting himself forward when necessary. 

Chelsea won the Champions League against Manchester City on May 29 (1-0). Thiago Silva expressed himself about his victory with Chelsea. In addition, he was quick to say a few words about Paris Saint-Germain. 

“It’s incredible, it’s the most important moment of my career I think. I am really happy, but it is also a moment when I think about Paris. We didn’t manage to win with Paris, today I’m very happy to have this Cup, it was huge, I hope that Paris will be able to achieve it too. “

Thiago Silva is totally fulfilled at Chelsea :

Unfortunately for him, he had to leave in the 39th minute because of his injury. He himself judged that despite the disappointment, his exit was the best decision to take. He felt that his performance was only at 70% when he would have liked to be at 110% for this match. Chelsea defended well and had to suffer to get the victory against Manchester City. 

Thiago Silva did not shy away from publicly sharing his thoughts about Paris Saint-Germain. He admitted that he suffered from the pressure of PSG to win the Champions League every year. Afterward, he still wanted to thank his former club for his great career. 

“But this is also the moment to have recognition for everything Paris has done for me. We didn’t manage to win it with PSG. We are very happy, I hope that Paris can do it. (…) Especially with all the pressure, I had at PSG to win this cup. At PSG, every time we lost in the Champions League, we looked for someone to blame, and often it was me. It’s a pity, I really gave my all. I hope it will happen to them, I left a lot of friends there.”

The irony is cruel for PSG and its supporters. Despite their various exploits during this Champions League by eliminating Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, PSG could not go to the end of the competition. 

Thiago Silva has been running after the Champions League title for almost 10 years in the PSG shirt. Last year he reached the final and this year he had his revenge. He did not hesitate to enjoy this success with a very strong thought for PSG, who opted to not retain him last summer. 

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