Tony Adams not happy with Mikel Arteta overusing Bukayo Saka

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Since joining Arsenal in 2019, Mikel Arteta has taken the Gunners from being mid-table side to the title contenders. The Spaniard has been instrumental in changing the fortunes of the club which has been struggling for a long time. Moreover, after his appointment, he made it clear that he believed the club had lost its direction. And he didn’t want players to run away from responsibility

“I want people to take responsibility for their jobs and I want people who deliver passion and energy in the football club. Anyone who doesn’t buy into this, or that has a negative effect or whatever, is not good enough for this environment or this culture.” 

Tony Adams: Mikel Arteta is Overusing Saka

In the initial few seasons, Arteta was criticised a lot, but now, after making them title contenders all of his doubters have turned to believers. Meanwhile speaking to Premier League Productions, former Arsenal captain Tony Adams, had pointed out a flaw with Arteta. He stated that the only criticism of Arteta is that he overuses Bukayo Saka. And thus, he doesn’t stay fresh for the important games. Furthermore, Adams is of the view that Arteta should manage the important players smartly. Thus giving them enough rest so they stay energetic and motivated in big games of the season. 

Moreover, the former Gunners captain shared his thoughts on Saka and how much football he should be playing. 

“Last year he was phenomenal. Don’t forget, if I have one criticism on Arteta he plays him every single game. He doesn’t give him any rest whatsoever. Maybe he doesn’t trust what’s coming through underneath him. If he was like Grealish or playing for Man City, Saka would be right up there,” 

– Adams said.

Bukayo Saka needs backup

Moreover, Tony Adams is right when he says Mikel Arteta uses Saka a bit too much. And if he is not careful in his use, there are high chances that Saka might get injured or not be able to perform at his 100 percent. Furthermore, Arsenal lack depth in the squad on the right wing side and it’s one of the weakest part of the Arsenal squad. Thus it’s not easy to rotate in that position.

Meanwhile, with the summer transfer window to start, the Gunners should try to sign a new right-sided attacker. Which can replace Saka when he needs a break to refresh. Moreover, it’s difficult to resist playing a player like Bukayo Saka who makes the difference every time he steps on the pitch. But, to sustain the level for a long time he has to be rested and managed properly. 


Although Mikel Arteta has managed Arsenal so well since joining as head coach in 2019, he has to make sure he gives enough rest to his important players like Saka, Odegaard, Rice, Martineli. Thus, from making Arsenal a mid table club a few years ago to back at top where it belongs, Arteta needs to be applauded. With a few signings thus increasing depth of the squad, Arsenal might edge out Man City to the Premier League title next season.

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