What exactly is VAR Lite? Indian Football Matches’ Game-Changing Technology


Refereeing decisions in Indian football have infuriated players, coaches, and spectators. The All India Football Federation (AIFF) is investigating the use of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology to ensure that football matches in India are free of human mistake. Moreover, the high expense of introducing VAR has been a significant impediment.

Kalyan Chaubey is the president of the AIFF. He recently visited the Royal Belgian FA headquarters and was pleased seeing how they employed technology was being employed at a considerably reduced cost. Moreover, this might open the door for a new VAR Lite system to be implemented. However, next season will see the first use of the revolutionary technology in India.

What exactly is VAR Lite?

VAR Lite is a low-cost VAR system idea that FIFA is studying. And will present to The IFAB and its members in March 2021. VAR Lite is a system. It is as opposed to complete VAR system. This approach, which involves a significant number of video streams, is suitable for matches with less than eight cameras.

For VAR Lite two unique pathways:

  • System of four to eight cameras – During live trials, competitions with four to eight cameras can employ these systems to evaluate the possibilities of decreasing staff and technology needs.
  • 1 to 3 camera configuration – In competitions with fewer camera plans, this approach may be tested offline without influencing the game. Moreover, this will be used as a platform to test new ideas and potential solutions. Utilizing fewer cameras will also provide insight on the usability and usefulness of VAR systems that employ fewer camera angles.

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The Advantages of VAR in Indian Football Matches

The use of VAR Lite in Indian football matches can provide various advantages, including:

1. Lessening of human errors – Referees are simply human, and they can make mistakes. VAR Lite can reduce referee mistakes and ensure fair play in the game.

2. Financially feasible – The cost of installing this technology is far less than that of a full VAR system. This makes the AIFF and Indian Super League financially sustainable (ISL).

3. Enhancing refereeing standards – The implementation of this technology has the potential to improve refereeing standards in ISL matches. Moreover, Referees will get assistance in making critical choices, resulting in improved performance.

4. Better fan experience – With the deployment of VAR Lite, fans will see fewer disputes during matches, resulting in increased engagement with the sport.

The use of this technology in Indian football matches has the potential to revolutionise the game. Because of its low cost, this can give much-needed assistance to referees while also raising the calibre of refereeing in ISL matches. However, to guarantee that football matches in the country are devoid of human error, the AIFF and ISL should explore using VAR Lite in the forthcoming season.

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