Who can replace Akash Mishra in HFC squad?

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Hyderabad FC faces the challenging job of adding additional talent to their squad before the start of the next season. Akash Mishra has left the club and will shortly join Mumbai FC as their new defender. Explore who can replace Akash Mishra.

Naorem Roshan Singh can replace Akash Mishra in HFC squad?

When Akash Mishra departs Hyderabad FC, the team must find a suitable replacement. Naorem Roshan Singh is an excellent choice to replace the void left by Mishra’s departure.

The full-back is ambidextrous and enjoys making darting dashes forward to help the attack. He is a good fit for the style of gaming that HFC prefers. Conor Nestor must guarantee that Akash Mishra is replaced with a quality player and do not repeat the error of not replacing Asish Rai.

Naorem Roshan Singh is an Indian footballer who primarily operates as a left-back. Roshan Singh has shown great potential and versatility in his playing style. He possesses good attacking instincts, with the ability to contribute to the team’s forward movements while also maintaining defensive discipline. Roshan Singh’s technical skills, speed, and positional awareness make him a viable candidate to fill the void left by Akash Mishra in the HFC squad.

Roshan Singh demonstrates excellent defensive discipline and positional knowledge. He recognizes the significance of a strong defensive line and making timely tackles and interceptions. His quickness helps him to recover swiftly in defensive transitions and track back to neutralize possible opposing team threats. Roshan Singh’s technical abilities, including as passing and ball control, allow him to confidently distribute the ball from the backline and create counter-attacks.

Sajad Hussain: A Prospect for Hyderabad FC’s Defensive Line

Young Indian footballer Sajad Hussain has shown great promise as a possible replacement for Akash Mishra in the Hyderabad FC side. Also, his performances as a left-back and left-sided midfielder have demonstrated his ability.

Also, Hussain’s ability to tackle hard is one of his distinguishing characteristics. Surely, he approaches issues with tenacity and isn’t reluctant to engage in physical conflicts with opponents. This ability enables him to reclaim control of his team while disrupting the other team’s attacking rhythm.


Nevertheless, Naorem Roshan Singh and Sajad Hussain. Their particular qualities and potential make them candidates for Akash Mishra’s succession.

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