Why AFC Cup New Format will seen important for India

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AFC Cup New Format is announced by AFC Committee. However it will benefits the Indian Club which is Participating in the Competition. But while we looking closer to the format it will also change as a determinal for India. Further it may also affect the Member Association (MA) ranking for India.

Most importantly the AFC Cup and AFC Championships slots for countries are determined by the MA ranking.

Firstly the new format is deviced in 2017. Instead of Participating in two zones clubs will participate in five zones. Certainly the zones are West Asia, East Asia,Central Asia , South Asia and ASEAN. In addition total of 36 clubs will participate in these zones. Slot collection for these zones are below.

  • West Asia Zone : 9 direct/3 from play-offs = 12 teams (Three groups)
  • East Asia Zone : 3 direct/1 from play-offs = 4 teams (One group)
  • Central Asia Zone : 3 direct/1 from play-offs = 4 teams (One group)
  • South Asia Zone : 3 direct/1 from play-offs = 4 teams (One group)
  • ASEAN Zone : 9 direct/3 from play-offs = 12 teams (Three groups)

Therefore Bengaluru FC will join Maziya (Maldives) and Abhani Limited (Bangladesh) and the fourth spot in the group will be filled by winners of Play-offs.

Certainly as the winners of Federation Cup ATK Mohun Bagan will play two matches against other South Asian teams to reach the group stage.However while comparing this with the 2016 format of AFC Cup. Both Bengaluru FC and ATK Mohun Bagan will be placed at Different group and won’t play against eachother in the group stage.

However in 2017 they will be fighting with each other in the same group. And either one team will move further in the Competition.

Changes in MA Rankings due to AFC Cup New Format

On the other hand due to this New Format India’s MA will be increased. Because if 2 or more teams Participate from the same MA. Then the average performance of the team’s points will be taken.

So if one team performance well and other team at worst. It will affect the MA Rankings of the Countries. So if only one team from an MA is Participating and performs well then the MA Rankings will increase of the Country.

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