Arsenal’s Playing Style  MIDFIELDER JUST PASSES IT



Former Premier League manager and pundit, Tim Sherwood, recently delivered a blunt critique of an Arsenal’s Playing Style midfielder, highlighting their propensity for playing predominantly “backwards and sideways.” Sherwood’s comments have ignited a debate within the football community and among Arsenal fans regarding the style of play and effectiveness of this midfielder. In this article, we delve into the criticism and explore the dynamics of this player’s role at the club.

Sherwood’s Candid Assessment

Tim Sherwood, known for his candid and straightforward analysis, did not mince words when he singled out an midfielder for Arsenal’s Playing Style. According to Sherwood, this particular player seems to have a habit of opting for passes that go “backwards and sideways” more often than creating forward, incisive plays. This critique has drawn attention to a prevalent issue that has frustrated some Arsenal supporters.

The Modern Midfielder’s Dilemma

In modern football, midfielders are expected to the creative engines of the team, responsible for both defensive and offensive contributions. The ability to control the tempo, switch the play, and provide key passes is highly valued. However, Sherwood’s remarks emphasize the challenges that can arise when a midfielder becomes too conservative in their approach. However, it often opting for safer passes rather than taking calculated risks to break down opposing defenses.

Arsenal’s Midfield Conundrum

Arsenal, historically known for stylish and attacking football, has struggled in recent years to maintain the same level of dominance. The midfield has been a focal point of concern, with the team often lacking the dynamism and creativity needed to unlock stubborn defenses. Sherwood’s critique shines a light on the need for Arsenal to find a balance between retaining possession and playing forward passes that can lead to goal-scoring opportunities.

The Criticized Midfielder’s Role

The identity of the criticized Arsenal midfielder remains undisclosed, leaving fans to speculate about who Sherwood might be referring to. However, it’s worth noting that in many modern football setups, midfielders are tasked with maintaining possession and ensuring stability in the team’s play. While forward passes are crucial, players in deeper roles often serve as the linchpin for ball circulation, allowing the team to build from the back.

Arsenal’s Style Evolution

Arsenal’s playing style has evolved over the years, and under Mikel Arteta’s management. So the emphasis on solid defensive structures and controlled possession has become more prominent. This shift has resulted in a more measured approach to midfield play, which, when executed effectively, can stifle opponents and lead to controlled games. Nonetheless, the debate arises when this style becomes excessively conservative. So leading to concerns about the team’s ability to create goal-scoring opportunities.


Tim Sherwood’s candid critique of an Arsenal midfielder’s propensity for “backwards and sideways”. So passing raises important questions about the balance between maintaining possession and pushing forward. While such passes can be a vital part of a team’s tactics, an overreliance on them can hinder attacking creativity. Arsenal’s midfield, stands at center of this debate as the club continues to navigate its evolution under Mikel Arteta’s guidance. The discussion ignited by Sherwood’s remarks reflects the passionate debates that football fans engage in. So it encourages further reflection on the evolution of playing styles and player roles in the modern game.

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