Barcelona Deputy Spokesperson Creates Controversy

Julian Araujo

Barcelona Deputy Spokesperson commented about it on X, the previous Twitter platform, and referred to Vini Jr as a “clown.”

Barcelona Deputy Spokesperson Tweet

“It’s not racism; he deserves a slap for being a clown and a joker. What do these unnecessary and meaningless stepovers mean in the middle of the pitch?” Camps said in the since-deleted post.
CNN has reached out to Camps for a response through both his own business and Barcelona. Vinícius and Real Madrid have not responded to the tweet in public.

The Brazilian has made several public statements about the bigotry he has experienced. And Spanish football and law enforcement are stepping up their attempts to stop the abuse in response to criticism over what they have not done enough.
Vinícius gave testimony concerning a racist incident that happened at the Mestalla Stadium. During Madrid’s match against Valencia earlier this month in a Spanish court. Three people are being held on suspicion of committing hate crimes after they were reportedly heard making racist statements against the footballer.

Xavi Comments

Following Barça’s 2-1 victory over Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday, the media inquired about Camps’ tweet. Blaugrana manager Xavi said, “Well, if [Camps] deleted it, it already means something.” I don’t have anything to say. We leave it at that if he erases it.

“I don’t like tension,” he continued. And nothing else is better than playing football. We’ve experienced some really tense clasicos together, and I won’t be the one to create more of it.

One point separates the top and third-placed clubs in La Liga heading into this Saturday’s El Clásico, one of the most storied and well-known rivalries in football history, filled with dramatic and contentious moments throughout the years.

Apologies all Around

Barcelona’s vice president for sports, Rafael Yuste, referred to Camps’ tweet as an “inopportune slip-up” on Wednesday.

After Barça defeated Shakhtar, he said to Movistar+, “We’ve spoken with him and he, along with the entire board of directors, have to think that we’re representing the club.” Furthermore, it shouldn’t be done, even if it was an untimely mistake.

“If the player is hearing me, Vinícius, I’m telling him that, on behalf of the vice president for sport, it’s an unfortunate tweet and it won’t happen again, either from my colleague Miquel Camps or from any other director,” Yuste said, adding that he was unsure if Barcelona had apologized to Vinícius or Real Madrid.

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