Barcelona Legend Applauds Catalan Giants

Exclusive to Lionel Messi

After enjoying an incredible season at both the club and international levels, Barcelona Legend Lionel Messi earned a record-breaking eighth Ballon d’Or on a historic night in Paris on Monday. He took home the Golden Orb for the 2023 edition.

Appreciation for Barcelona

The Argentine international, who plays for Inter Miami in Major League Soccer, earned the Ballon d’Or after leading his country to victory at the FIFA World Cup in December of last year and winning the Ligue 1 championship with PSG.

The 36-year-old legend did not fail to show his appreciation for Barcelona, the team that helped him develop into the best of all time, during his address and subsequently in the press conference.

“I was fortunate to play for the greatest team in football history—the greatest club in the world, as Aitana stated before me. It made it possible for me to take home several trophies and honors,” Messi remarked.

“Barça is the greatest club in the history of football. This particular club is unlike any other.

Love is in the Heart

The 36-year-old said, “Of course I follow Barça,” in response to the question of whether he still watched Barcelona. I have loved and will continue to adore this club forever.

“The Barcelona team is excellent. The team now consists of a mix of young and seasoned players, which is crucial in football.

Since leaving Barcelona in the summer of 2021, Messi has been connected to a possible return to his own country; however, no such plans have come to pass.

But Messi supported the idea, stating he wanted to bid the supporters farewell in a respectable manner. The Blaugrana are planning a memorial game for the best player to have ever played for the team.

Bitter Farewell For Barcelona Legend

“I had an odd feeling as I got off Barça. I didn’t want to leave Barcelona in that manner after everything I went through there. My home is Barcelona. I’m in love with this team and the Barça supporters, and I’ll be forever glad to return,” he said.

“There is another way I would want to bid the Barça supporters farewell. When I left, I thought the feelings weren’t nice. Messi said, “I deserve to say goodbye to the people that I had good and bad times with.”


Messi stated, “Barça are the club that saw me grow up, that gave me everything, that I love and that I also gave everything,” when asked if he would ever return to the team in any form.

“Why don’t you return to the club?” However, I’m not considering it right now. I will eventually reside in Barcelona and be in some way associated with the team.

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