Barcelona Midfielder words not appreciated by everyone

Ilkay Gundogan - Manchester City

The remarks made by Barcelona Midfielder following FC Barcelona’s loss to Real Madrid on Saturday have generated a lot of discussion among the Catalan team. The German midfielder berated the club for lacking fervor and leadership on the pitch following their loss to their enduring foes.

Sides Being Taken

These remarks have sparked a discussion among Barcelona supporters; some believe that the team should have won even if so many players weren’t fully fit going into the game. And others counter that Barcelona lost by the narrowest of margins.
To determine the true source of these remarks, Mundo Deportivo spoke with a number of people in the Barcelona locker room.

Pain For Barcelona Midfielder

First off, some people think that after the game, Gundogan witnessed more emotions of sorrow and melancholy than of rage or defiance. Even if the players were totally dedicated to the team.

In addition, he observed players conceding losses due to Pedri, De Jong, and Roberto’s unavailability. As well as Lewandowski, Raphinha, and Kounde’s lack of match rhythm.

This is one theory as to what genuinely disturbed Gundogan. Who emerged from the locker room with his head held high after seeing these feelings.

Leadership Missing

According to another set of sources Mundo Deportivo spoke with, the Germans believed the team lacked solid leadership. Sergi Roberto, the team’s first captain, and Frenkie de Jong, the second captain, are both injured at the moment. And are not regular starters.

Due to the combination of this injury and Pedri’s injury. Gundogan has played too many minutes this season and has had to adjust to playing in multiple midfield positions.

Experience from Barcelona Midfielder

Last but not least, Gundogan feels qualified to voice these criticisms. Since he has experienced a great deal of strain both at Manchester City and with the German national team. Of which he is currently captain.

He had to chastise the Madrid players for this expensive error after witnessing how their lack of pressure ultimately resulted in Barcelona surrendering goals.
Although Gundogan’s motivation for the remarks is yet unknown, it is evident from the dressing room that he thinks several of his teammates lack leadership qualities.

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