Busquets farewell A Real Madrid veteran bids : “Among the best


Real Madrid legend, Sergio Ramos, bid an emotional farewell to his long-time rival and Spanish national team teammate, Sergio Busquets. The two midfielders, who have shared the field on numerous occasions, have built a mutual respect and. Admiration for each other’s skills and contributions to the beautiful game. As Ramos leaves Real Madrid, the bond between but these two exceptional. Players will forever be remembered as one of football’s great rivalries.

Sergio Ramos, known for his commanding presence and leadership qualities. He has etched his name in Real Madrid’s history as one of their most successful captains. Over his 16-year spell with the club, he won numerous domestic and international titles, Busquets farewell including four Champions League trophies. Ramos’ impact on the team extended beyond his defensive prowess. As he often scored crucial goals and motivated his teammates with his never-say-die attitude.

Busquets, on the other hand, has been an integral part of Barcelona’s midfield for over a decade. Known for his exceptional passing ability and tactical awareness. He played a vital role in the club’s success during their dominant era. Busquets intelligent reading of the game and ability to control the tempo made him. A key figure in Barcelona’s possession-based style of play.

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The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is one of the fiercest in football. Ramos and Busquets have been at the heart of it. Their battles in El Clásico matches were always intense and captivating, showcasing the best of Spanish football. Despite their on-field rivalries, there was always a deep respect between the two players, acknowledging each other’s talents and achievements.

What did Real Madrid said about Busquets farewell

In the international arena, Ramos and Busquets represented Spain together, forming a formidable partnership. They played pivotal roles in Spain’s triumphs at the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 European Championship. Where their understanding and but chemistry on the pitch were evident. The success they achieved together on the international stage only strengthened their bond.

As Ramos bids goodbye to Real Madrid and but seeks new horizons. He took a moment to pay tribute to his long-time adversary and friend, Sergio Busquets. In a heartfelt message, Ramos described Busquets as “one of the best midfielders of his generation”. And praised his intelligence and technical skills. He acknowledged the battles they fought on the field, but stating that Busquets always made him a better player.

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