Carlo Ancelotti Replies to Laporta’s Claims

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Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, has reacted to Joan Laporta. The president of Barcelona, who claimed on Thursday that there was a “sociological Madridismo”. Operating against Barcelona in Spain’s political circles. Ancelotti has dismissed Laporta’s claims as a “distraction tactic.”

Laporta’s Statement

Laporta called the charges against him in the bribery case against the club baseless, claiming that the campaign against Barcelona was the reason for his accusation. Xavi Hernandez then supported him, saying at his news conference that the plan by Madrid to “destabilize” Barcelona was “a reality.”

Laporta has been fighting many claims lately. Carlo Ancelotti has not been involved in this issue for a long time. But now he has broken his silence on the issue. He has now come into this fierce battle of Madrid vs. Barcelona. He gave out a few statements in the press conference ahead of match day.

Carlo Ancelotti with the Response

The reporter asked Carlo Ancelotti if he had heard Laporta’s remarks and what he thought of them. However, to this, he said:

Yes, I did hear it; however, it considers that, as I mentioned in regards to the racism issue [of Vinicius Junior], it’s critical to stay focused on the core subject.

The situation is quite severe, and the Justice Department is investigating it. Therefore, we must give them the freedom to work and make moral decisions. Everything else—the words, the whole thing—is a distraction from the main problem; therefore, from a legal standpoint, this is not good said Carlo Ancelotti.

Although Laporta and Xavi have expressed their opinions about the reporting from the Spanish capital. Many Barcelona fans believe that the club should not have paid. The Vice President of the Referees Committee received such a large sum of money. Also at Barcelona’s general assembly on Saturday, Laporta‘s own colleagues may question him.

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