Dark clouds in the horizon for FC Barcelona

Julian Araujo

Passing of each day seems to be a step closer to FC Barcelona undoing.
The club claims that they have overcome their years of financial hardship based on their current nine-point cushion over La Liga.

That all of the levers they pulled (and it’s difficult to miss the symbolism of Barca continuously talking about pulling their levers) worked.

But now they’re not just back under the Elite where they used to live, but also where they used rule.

Nowadays, they’ll shout it out louder, which actually shows how much trouble they might be in. A Spanish judge has now decided to look into the club, essentially for paying off referees. Anyone else in Spain who has been pondering how to get a job for a decade or more.

Both FC Barcelona and Negreira argue that the payments were only made for reports on the referees.
With recommendations for players’ conduct or play in cases where specific officials edited the games. It feels like one of history’s most inadequate defences. It’s not much different, according to Barca, from getting scouting reports on an upcoming opponent, as they have stated and will continue to state.

Clubs normally do not pay people who are employed.
Part of the hierarchy to operate the club they will be playing for unless they do. You wouldn’t expect to see Brian Cashman ask the Rays Deputy GM for roster updates.

Barca would have been in good shape if they had employed their own scouts to offer information on referees and how they run games.

A new dawn for FC Barcelona

As for the fans, their performances on the pitch is a sight of relief. Since the start of Xavi era the clubs has been able to progress in the right direction.

At the moment they are leading the title race with hopes of clinching it as well as the Copa del Rey.

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