Gavi Talks About Xavi and his Role at Barcelona


Early Days of the Gavi

A product of the club`s La Masia academy, Gavi lives and breathes Barcelona. He gives everything for the team when on the pitch, which is what endears him to the Culers. Looking back at his early days at the club, the teenager admitted that the switch was a daunting one for him. Saying, “I remember that two months before I told my parents that I didn`t want to come, that I was afraid of coming across anything. Gavi revealed that it was a difficult phase for him. He went and joined the futsal team at his local school during that time.

Xavi’s Influence

“On his role and Xavi`s influence, Gavi is equally good with his right and left feet. He admitted that it has always come naturally to him. Saying, “When I was a kid, it came naturally to me. There have been occasions when Xavi has utilized him as a false winger on the left flank. Although recent games have seen Gavi play more in his preferred role, ” And revealing Xavi`s influence on the improvement, he said, “Xavi tries to improve me; he talks to me a lot.

Targets For Gavi

Gavi gets all furious when Barcelona concedes or fails to win.

The midfielder admitted that he has always been a ‘bad loser’ although he has improved on that facet in recent years. He also said he will continue to improve

“Well, I’ve improved compared to the lower categories. Any coach could tell you that… Let’s say that I had it pretty badly, and my teammates paid for it in the training sessions. I was losing my head; I was bad at losing,” he said.

On what he was prepared to do for Barcelona, Gavi said, “Everything, I would do everything, anything,” showing his love and affection for the team.

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