Goals Have been Determined By Pablo Gavi


Barcelona is careful to keep the top players for itself, while many go on to greener pastures in search of playing time. Pablo Gavi, nevertheless, is now one of the most unique and well-known.

By the standards of the elite, he is already 19 years old and already regarded as a star talent. Many would believe that he is already on the correct path, as he previously won the Golden Boy Award.

Not Enough For Pablo Gavi

For Gavi, though, there is never enough. The 19-year-old acknowledged to La Vanguardia that he had spoken with his agent, Ivan de la Pena, about establishing targets for the current season, as noted by Spanish publication SPORT.

His objectives come first and foremost. Pablo Gavi has already identified a number of targets for the 2023–24 season since he feels that he should be scoring more goals than he is at the moment:

“We discussed achieving ten goals. I’ve already got two.

Making long-shot attempts
Additionally, Pablo Gavi was candid about not making enough attempts from range or outside the box:

“I must have a clear vision of the end result, and even though it is still challenging, I must have more courage.”

“I have improved from last year in knowing when to stop play and in challenging for balls that are there for duels without being careless,” the player said.

Fight Till the End

Pablo Gavi has made the most of his opportunity, given that Pedri and Frenkie De Jong’s ailments are likely to last at least a little while longer. The adolescent feels his attitude to be his distinguishing characteristic and is persistent, unrelenting, aggressive, and occasionally demanding.

I pride myself on being a fighter who will fight to the end.

Gavi will be attempting to create yet another impact against a strong opponent, with the match against Porto only a few hours away.

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