Golden Boys Deemed Untouchable in Barcelona


Barcelona could think about parting with Untouchable assets. They have already had to sell off portions of various media and name rights in order to balance their books, and it appears that they will continue to be in a situation where tough choices may need to be made as long as those issues persist.

FDJ Case

Regarding the players, Frenkie De Jong’s situation was the most apparent. Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, acknowledged the receipt of bids as high as €100 million. The Dutchman did, however, finally decide to remain at Barça.

Although Laporta and Barcelona might view it as a wise “decision,” Frenkie De Jong was ultimately responsible for most of the arrangements that allowed him to remain.
Even though he was valuable and important, Barcelona thought it could replace him. Still, he’s been able to dispel that notion with some impressive performances this season. However, it raises the issue of just who in Barcelona is still considered untouchable.

Barcelona Has two Gems

According to Sport, Barcelona can never replace these two names. The two Golden Boy winners that Barça presently has are Gavi and Pedri. One came for a transfer price that now looks nearly absurd, and the other is entirely La Masia’s own invention.

Both players are in a situation where a move for them would bring in considerably more money for Barcelona than €100 million. Sport, however, is of the opinion that the Catalan giants will not allow that theoretical worth to materialize. It is “forbidden” to think of the two as marketable assets.


Barcelona views both the 19-year-old Sevillano and the 20-year-old Canary Islander as essential players. They serve as perfect illustrations of the sustainable ideals that the Blaugranas want to uphold. entrust their own children and place their money on rising stars who will eventually prove to be more valuable.

There is no shortage of resources thanks to the inflow of talent in the European scene as a whole, as well as in Barcelona’s academy and subsidiary. Nevertheless, Barcelona wants to hold onto both of their Golden Boys for the foreseeable future.

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