Guardiola speaks about Gundogan’s meeting with Barcelona agent

Manchester City

Guardiola says Gundogan’s future is up to him as he approaches the end of his current deal at Manchester City. It is unclear if Gundogan’s contract will be renewed this summer. Bayern Munich and, most recently, Barcelona are the teams tipped to chase for the midfielder. Barcelona are in desperate needs for a defensive midfielder in hopes of replacing Busquets and Gundogan might be the one for them.

Guardiola couldn’t hide his admiration for Gundogan, although there are concerns over his future. The German midfielder displayed great results throughout the years which also sparked Barcelona interest.

“I think I know my opinion about Ilkay. What Ilkay has done against Aston Villa last season he can do

whatever he wants.”

Guardiola said:

“He has the paradise already. So he knows exactly my opinion about him.”

“The club knows it and it is a question for him and his agent. What is going to happen I’m pretty sure is

going to be good for him.”

“Really we want how he is behaving, how he has behaved all his life in Manchester but what is going to

happen? This kind of things belongs to the club and the player.”

What did Barcelona director Alemany say about Gundogan?

Mateu Alemany, director of football for Barcelona, confirmed the true intentions of Gundogan’s agent’s meeting with Blaugrana director Jordi Cruyff were far more subtle.

Alemany said:

“My obligation is to know that Gundogan is free, and we have met with his uncle, who is also [Andreas]

Christensen’s agent.”

“We talked about Christensen, his performance and how happy we are with the player. He has been a

very good signing, but there was nothing else.”

Whether Barcelona will look to buy Gundogan or they have some other plans remain to be seen.

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