India vs. Nepal : All-time Record


Football is a popular sport in both India and Nepal, and the rivalry between the two neighboring countries has always been intense. Over the years, both countries have faced each other numerous times on the football pitch, creating a compelling history of matches. Let’s take a closer look at the all-time record between India and Nepal in football.

Head-to-Head Statistics:

When it comes to head-to-head encounters, India has been the dominant team against Nepal. The two countries have clashed on various occasions in international friendlies, AFC Asian Cup qualifiers, SAFF Championships, and other tournaments. India has consistently maintained an upper hand, both in terms of wins and goals scored.

Wins and Draws:

Out of the total matches played between both the teams, India has emerged victorious in the majority. They have secured significant wins against Nepal, displaying their footballing prowess. However, it’s important to note that Nepal has also managed to hold India to draws on several occasions, showcasing their potential and competitive spirit.

Goal Difference:

India has consistently displayed a stronger attacking game against Nepal, resulting in a significant goal difference. Their ability to score goals against the Nepali team has contributed to their victories in multiple matches. On the other hand, Nepal has struggled to breach India’s defense and score goals, which has been a significant challenge for them in their encounters.

Tournament Performances:

In tournaments such as the SAFF Championships, India has often outperformed Nepal. The SAFF Championships is a regional football competition in South Asia, where both nations participate. India has won the tournament multiple times, while Nepal’s success has been relatively limited. However, Nepal has shown glimpses of improvement in recent years and has managed to give India tough competition in certain matches.

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The Significance of the Rivalry:

The India vs Nepal rivalry holds great significance due to the historical, cultural, and geographical connections between the two nations. Football matches between these countries are eagerly anticipated, and the passion of the players and fans alike adds to the intensity of the rivalry. These matches provide a platform for both teams to showcase their talents and strive for victory.

The all-time record in football between India and Nepal clearly indicates India’s dominance. However, the rivalry between the two nations goes beyond mere statistics. It is a testament to the competitive spirit and love for the game exhibited by the players and fans. As both teams continue to develop their footballing abilities, their upcoming matches promise to be exciting and closely contested, creating memorable moments for football enthusiasts in both countries.

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