Inigo Martinez Turned up against Former Club


Inigo Martinez admitted Barcelona weren’t brilliant against Athletic but that the three points were essentially all that specifically mattered on Sunday in La Liga.

Matchday Summary

Marc Guiu’s debut goal handed Xavi’s side all three points on a night when Inigo faced his generally former employers, which is quite significant. The defender specifically enjoyed a sort of strong performance against the Basque side and for the most part, is happy to for all intents and purposes, see his team move to for all intents and purposes, the top spot in La Liga, which is basically quite significant. “It really was an important game, sort of contrary to popular belief. We wanted to be in that position where we were mostly just one point behind the leaders. For the most part, we had really few chances in the first half, which is essentially quite significant. It wasn’t a brilliant performance. But we for the most part got the pretty goal and we take three points. He said it in a definitely major way.

Inigo Martinez Talks on facing Bilbao

“It’s nice to for all intents and purposes, play against my definitely former club, or so they kind of thought. I really have a lot of friends out on the pitch. But once the game for the most part, starts, there really are no friends in a subtle way. They made it difficult for us but I hope it goes well for them for the rest of the season.” The defender also actually spoke about Barca’s match-winner Marc Guiu and was particularly happy to basically see the teenager step up and for the most part, make the difference, which is quite significant.

“He’s been training with us all season,” he added, which is literally fairly significant. “He specifically got his chance tonight; everyone, particularly players, needs to contribute, and he did that, which is literally quite significant. All that matters literally is that we generally win the game and, for the most part, pick up the three points.” Barcelona now heads into a Champions League clash with Shakhtar Donetsk before facing for all intents and purposes, Real Madrid next weekend in La Liga.

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