Inter Milan ultras grow restless after poor displays


Inter Milan started the season with a poor display of performance. The capital club sits in the seventh position in the Seria A table. In seven matches, the club has won four while losing another three. The three losses are the reason for their fall behind in the league. In the Champions League, the club lost against Bayern Munich with a 2-0 score line on the first match day.

Inter Milan ultras release statement

After the disappointing performance against Udinese, the Inter Milan ultras were left displeased with the coach. The match ended with a loss for Inter Mian in a 3-1 defeat. The Nerazzurri were disappointing from the start as they let Udinese dictate the whole proceedings during the match.

The club ultras were disappointed with Manager Simone Inzaghi and with the players. Inter fans from the Curva Nord have urged the players to take some ownership of the issue and not solely place the blame on coach Simone Inzaghi. The statement released on their Facebook page read;

“We’re bombarded with requests from hysterical ‘social media fans’ who sing the praises of revolution behind the backs of others (usually ours). The reality, when approached from an overall perspective, is much more complex than a hasty ‘Inzaghi-out.

“Key points: Tolerance is over; the coach has certainly made mistakes but no excuses for the players who, since time immemorial, wallow in these situations putting their egos before the group. 

“And this is not good for us. When we return from the national teams, the squad change. Everyone must be made to face their responsibilities. We fight together; we come out together.”

Inter Milan will face Roma after the international break. In the Champions League, a massive test against Barcelona awaits. Simone will soon have t find a way around for the club to bounce back in the league and against Barcelona.

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