Julian Nagelsmann might be in trouble after excluding Dortmund star

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Julian Nagelsmann is indeed one of the brightest young managerial talents in football. His tactical acumen, ability to work with players, and track record with RB Leipzig and TSG Hoffenheim make him a promising choice. That is as the manager of the German national team. It will be interesting to see how he leads the team. And whether he can continue Germany’s tradition of success on the international stage. With his skills and experience, he has the potential to make a positive impact on the squad.

Under the guidance of new German national team manager Julian Nagelsmann, several decisions have been made regarding player selection. One such decision is the omission of Borussia Dortmund center-back Nico Schlotterbeck. While Nagelsmann has provided reasoning for this choice, there are aspects of the decision that appear questionable.

It’s true that Nico Schlotterbeck’s performance for the German national team has been inconsistent. He has displayed both exceptional skills in winning possession and creating goal-scoring opportunities, as well as moments of poor decision-making leading to detrimental challenges and positional errors resulting in conceding goals. Hence, that might be the reason of Julian Nagelsmann excluding the youngster.

While it’s true that Nico Schlotterbeck’s recent performances may not warrant an immediate inclusion in the national team. However, it’s important to remember that the current period consists of friendly matches. The European Championship is not just around the corner, and these matches can serve as an opportunity for players to gain experience, improve, and work on their inconsistencies.

What does Julian Nagelsmann plan to do with Nico Schlotterbeck?

Indeed, providing Nico Schlotterbeck with opportunities in friendly matches would be beneficial. That is for his development and integration into the national team setup under Julian Nagelsmann. These matches offer a valuable chance for players to build chemistry and gain an understanding of the coach’s tactics and expectations. It’s a missed opportunity to not utilize these games for squad-building and player development.

Nico Schlotterbeck’s contributions to Borussia Dortmund are certainly noteworthy. And his unique attributes as a left-footed center-back with athleticism and energy can add value to any squad. Including the German national team. Julian Nagelsmann is surely taking a note of that. Leveraging his skills and experience in friendly matches would give him an opportunity to prove his worth and potentially earn a place in the national team setup for more competitive fixtures in the future.

Indeed, nurturing young talents with unique attributes can be crucial for a national team’s long-term success. While young center-backs may make mistakes, they also have the potential to learn and grow from those experiences. Utilizing friendly matches to provide exposure and development opportunities for promising players like Nico Schlotterbeck can be a wise strategy for Germany’s national team, especially if they hope to build a competitive squad for the future. Julian Nagelsmann needs to be even more cautious while making such daring decisions in the future.

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