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The individual soon was in notice by the team as a particular Nigerian forward named Justine Ojoka Emmanuel. He had got a call to the preseason camp on a trial basis. Fans of Kerala Blasters (KBFC) saw an unknown football player practising with the team during preseason, which sparked widespread rumours.

Fans questioned whether Indian football clubs had returned to signing unknown. Unproven non-league foreigners because there was little data or information accessible about the player. Karolis Skinkys, the sporting director of the Blasters, provided the following explanation in an interview with The Times of India on Wednesday:

“As a club and league, if we want to be respected outside India, we have to find solutions on how to get quality (players) interesting to other countries as well. One way is to scout young players with potential to play at a much higher level, so Justine is beginning of that (journey).

“We will do this in Africa, South America and any country or market where we can find quality, where the club structure is not so organized,” he added.

Justine Ojoka Emmanuel

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The striker, who played for Nigeria’s U-20 team, was apparently discovered for the first time by the Yellow Army. While visiting Nigeria for a competition that invited top-tier clubs from Mexico, Poland, and Portugal.

Karolis Skinkys emphasised that Justine is an important component of their new strategy and is not just a “random footballer.” He had been under observation for some time, and KBFC only decided to prosecute him once they were certain of his competence.

“He’s not a random footballer,” clarified Karolis. “We could have got him mid-season last year but decided to get him now. This is the beginning of a new plan; find quality young players who can help us get respect outside India.

“This is our first attempt and there’s nothing to be overexcited. We have to see how he adapts, how he fits, what are the limits We want younger players (in the team) but without compromising quality,” he added.

Why did Kerala Blasters choose to use their novel strategy in the global transfer market?

It makes sense that the Blasters are taking a fresh approach by positioning themselves as a stepping stone for talented footballers looking to advance in their professional careers.

The club’s athletic director included the following details:

“Every year, our aim is to reduce the average age of foreign players. It’s important to have players who are hungrier, appreciate the opportunity, and have more energy. It’s not just about the age; you cannot compromise on the quality. You can sometimes sign all young players and then easily get disappointed (with their performances).

“The main thing is quality. It’s not easy, it takes time (to sign players). You have to find the right profiles. Once you find, there are several factors like player situation, club situation, and family opinion. The more we increase the reputation of the league, the easier it will be to attract good players,” he added.

Fans will be watching to see if this strategy can soon deliver the promised benefits. Even though in theory it does seem like a reasonable direction with relation to foreign signing.

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