Kenkre FC in the I-League 2nd Division takes Mumbai back in time

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After a gap of 3 years, Kenkre FC prepares to restart their I-League 2nd division journey. The Mumbai based team have been playing in the MDFA Elite Division waiting for this very moment. This is Mumbai’s football legacy-making a steady comeback. A city that boasted some of the best teams across the country had just a single team in the National Leagues.

The development of Indian Football has been slow and has suffered a lot of problems along it’s way. Tournaments like the Durand Cup and the Santhosh Trophy existed without a national league. The formation of the I-League sorted out most of the issues.

The I-League got its recognition from the AFC but not the fans. It was the creation of the Indian Super League that showcased the real talent the teams possessed. It drastically improved the development of the grassroots, performance of the National Team and moreover the popularity around the world.

20 years ago, Air India, ONGC, Mumbai FC and Mahindra United proudly represented the state. Today, none of those teams play at that level mainly due to stringent rules and regulations. Mumbai FC and Mahindra United have been shut down. It’s time to bring back the glory days.

Importance of Kenkre FC in Mumbai

Mumbai City FC are the biggest team from Mumbai at the moment. They are the defending ISL Champions and thus are a massive presence in Mumbai. However, a budding youngster will face an uphill battle trying to make it into the first team. This is where teams like Kenkre FC play a vital role.

Even though they play in a smaller division, they provide a platform for local players to play at a National Level. In the years to come, they could participate in the Durand Cup and even try qualifying for the I-League.

FC Bengaluru United founded in 2018, are already aiming to qualify for the I-League this season. Kenkre FC could follow their example and do wonders for the immense talent they have.

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