Key Players for Barcelona are Highly Underperforming

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The recent run of games has not been easy because Key Player like Romeu, Balde, and Torres have started underperforming.

Tough Run for Barcelona Player

Many of the Barcelona player under Xavi have started to perform below expectations after a strong start to the season. When a troublesome run of form is unable to reach and repeat its peak performances, it becomes even more precarious.

As the season has gone on, these lackluster performances have even contributed to the collapse of the team as a whole in terms of rhythm and fluidity of play.

It is no longer possible to duplicate the explosive performances against teams like Real Betis and Royal Antwerp. And they don’t seem to be fully replicable. The club doesn’t have a winning quality, and according to a recent study, this is directly related to three players who haven’t been playing their best.

According to a recent report from Mundo Deportivo, three players from Barcelona are presently dealing with an “unexpected downturn.” Alejandro Balde, Ferran Torres, and Oriol Romeu are the players in question. It’s interesting to note that each of the three guys plays at a different position on the pitch.

Oriol Romeu the Key Player

In the midfield, Oriol Romeu was brought in to act as the team’s primary pivot this season. After a great set of displays initially, the 32-year-old has visibly declined. His passing seems uninspired, awareness feels extremely slow and he no longer has the legs to cover ground at a good pace.

In three of the last four games for Barcelona, he has started from the bench. In particular, his appearance against Real Madrid did the Catalans no favors either. Brought in to help deconstruct Madrid’s building rhythm, he instead ended up being a weak link for Barcelona.

Balde the Key Player

The Alejandro Balde problem then arises. The youthful left-back is being criticised for his lack of attacking contributions to the squad, even if he isn’t necessarily being ostracised for defensive errors because he is reliable in such roles.

He has only been able to contribute one assist this season. The rationale against Madrid appeared to be quite obvious. As he did the previous season, the 19-year-old feels stiff when attacking and is unwilling to advance the ball.

And even his last pass and crossing are lacking. In order to be successful as a fullback for Barcelona, a player must possess offensive qualities.

Ferran Torres

This season, the 23-year-old forward’s success has surpassed his previous setbacks.
Torres scores goals for enjoyment. No matter how many minutes he was allotted, making him a formidable opponent. But sadly, it appears that the stellar run of form has since evaporated.

Specifically, the player has been unable to score when used as a “false 9.” He has been ineffectual in front of goal except from his goal in Portugal.

With the comeback from injury and the new faces of the subsidiary, the Spaniard will need to find his scoring touch again if he wants to remain a competitive starter in the first squad.

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