La Liga is the target of a lawsuit by Barcelona for unequal competition

Julian Araujo

Barcelona and La Liga are still trading blows in their ongoing spat.

The initiative will demolish La Liga, according to President Javier Tebas. Who lashed out at Barcelona and the other Superleague teams for attempting to “steal his house.”

Despite the fact that the dispute has nothing to do with the Superleague. News has emerged that the two organizations would appear in court together. The La Liga CVC agreement, which saw 10.95% of the league’s total TV revenue sold in exchange for little under €2 billion in advance finance, was accepted by 38 of the 42 teams in Spain’s top two divisions.

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La Liga denied the other teams the opportunity to increase their payroll cap by 15% while allowing those clubs to do so within their rules (Barcelona, Athletic Club, Real Madrid and UD Ibiza). None of those other teams made the decision to back the claim. According to Sport, Barcelona filed a lawsuit in a local commercial court, arguing that other teams have an unfair edge and that the competition is unfair.

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What is the next step by La Liga?

Although on paper it appears they have a point (the circumstances are different), many people will question their assertion. While there may be justifications for the heavy budget allocation in La Liga toward Barcelona and Real Madrid, it undoubtedly affects the capacity of other teams to compete on an even playing field.

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The two groups would show up in court jointly, despite the fact that the disagreement had nothing to do with the Superleague. 38 of the 42 teams in Spain’s top two divisions agreed to the La Liga CVC arrangement. Which saw 10.95% of the league’s total TV revenue sold in return for a little under €2 billion in upfront financing.

La Liga allowed those clubs to do so within their regulations. While denying the other teams the chance to raise their payroll ceiling by 15%. (Barcelona, Athletic Club, Real Madrid, and UD Ibiza). None of the other teams decided to support the assertion. Sport reports that Barcelona filed a case in a nearby commercial court. Claiming that the competition is unfair and that other clubs have an unfair advantage.

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