Leander D’Cunha returns back to the FC Goa squad


In a remarkable showcase of their commitment to nurturing young talent; FC Goa continues to celebrate the rise of Leander D’Cunha, a promising right-back; as he secures a new contract with the club’s first team. D’Cunha’s journey from the grassroots level to the senior team epitomizes the club’s flourishing youth development system; setting a powerful precedent for aspiring footballers across the region.

Hailing from the vibrant footballing state of Goa; Leander D’Cunha’s ascent through FC Goa’s ranks is a testament to his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. His story is one of passion, persistence, and undeniable talent; capturing the essence of what it means to be a true footballing prodigy.

Identified as a rising star during his time with the Goa Santosh Trophy team in 2017; D’Cunha quickly captured the attention of FC Goa’s scouts, who recognized his potential early on. Over the past three years; he has blossomed under the guidance of the club’s coaching staff; showcasing an unmatched desire for self-improvement and an unyielding work ethic.

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The 22-year-old dynamo’s rise has been nothing short of inspiring. Starting his footballing journey at the renowned SESA Football Academy; D’Cunha’s journey took him to Churchill Brothers before finding his true home at FC Goa. Throughout his time with the Developmental Team; D’Cunha emerged as a driving force, taking the reins of leadership and leading by example as the team’s captain in the previous season.

His contributions have been pivotal in FC Goa’s triumphs; with standout performances that led the Developmental Team to clinch the prestigious Goa Professional League title in the 2018/19 season. D’Cunha’s influence extended further as he guided the team to secure the coveted Police Cup trophy at the start of the 2019/20 campaign.

Leander D’Cunha to Goa squad

The young star is really good at playing in different ways and always thinks about helping others. People who play and teach him in FC Goa really like him. Ravi Puskur, who is in charge of FC Goa, said nice things about how much the young star has improved and how he always follows the club’s rules and ideas. Puskur is very happy that the young star will keep playing for FC Goa for a long time and thinks he will be very important for the main team.

Now, the young star, Leander D’Cunha, is part of the best players in FC Goa. He is like a special group of players who also started when they were young. Some of these players are Mohammad Nawaz, Saviour Gama, Princeton Rebello, Liston Colaco, Kingslee Fernandes, and Shubham Dhas. They all started in FC Goa’s young teams and now play very well in the big football games. They show that young players can become great stars too.

D’Cunha’s journey, marked by resilience, skill, and an unbreakable spirit, echoes FC Goa’s commitment to fostering a culture of growth and development. His promotion to the first team serves as a beacon of hope for young footballers; reinforcing the notion that with dedication and determination; the path from grassroots to glory is within reach.

As FC Goa embarks on a new campaign; the spotlight shines brightly on Leander D’Cunha, a rising star whose journey symbolizes the club’s unyielding dedication to shaping the future of Indian football. With his talent and determination; D’Cunha is poised to make an indelible mark, igniting the hearts of fans and inspiring generations to come.

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