Lionel Messi awaits for an official offer from Barcelona

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Lionel Messi ‘s chances of returning to Barcelona appear to be declining as the La Liga club is yet to make an official offer. The Argentine captain’s contract with current club PSG expires on June 30, and it has been confirmed that he will leave.

Lionel Messi is waiting to receive news of a green signal from La Liga

According to reports, Barcelona did an internal economic study that indicated Messi’s return to Spain would be extremely beneficial. According to the article, his comeback would be worth 230 million Euros per year, with 150 million Euros coming from new sponsors and 80 million Euros coming from ticket sales. As the Camp Nou is being renovated, the club will also utilise the Montjuic Stadium next season. As a result, Messi’s return could draw a large crowd. Last season, Messi increased sponsorship by 13% and shirt sales by 60%, generating significant revenue for PSG. In terms of viewers, Barcelona’s first season without Messi saw a significant reduction in attendance at the Camp Nou. Despite the fact that the numbers have increased this season due to the addition of Lewandowski and the team’s improvement.

Barcelona has sent the viability plan to La Liga and is waiting for approval to pursue Messi. However, the club is yet to receive news of a green signal from La Liga.

Barcelona director Mateu Alemany said: “There are many things that must be taken into account regarding Messi, including the approval of the League, and no details can be given until this problem is resolved. We are waiting.”

@sport reports that once La Liga approves the viability plan (expected on Tuesday), the club will be able to make an official offer to Leo Messi. This will give him guarantees & allowing him to make the decision. Then, everything will be subject to the departures. And for that, the club will have until August 30.

Al Hilal & Inter Miami are pushing harder to sign Messi

FC Barcelona are still hopeful of signing Leo Messi! They trust that the viability plan will be approved by La Liga. However, both Inter Miami & Al Hilal are now pushing very hard to sign him.

“Al Hilal & Inter Miami is Leo Messi’s ‘last resort’! His first priority is to join FC Barcelona & if that’s impossible, he wants to join another European club.” reports @lequipe

“There is a mutual desire between FC Barcelona & Leo Messi to complete his return! In fact, other clubs in England or Italy also have a chance of signing him, as his TOTAL PRIORITY is to stay in the Champions League.”@lequipe

EL Nacional also reported that Lionel Messi would like teammates Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes to join him in Catalonia. Di Maria’s contract with Juventus is expected to expire at the end of the season. Meanwhile, Paredes has spent the season on loan from PSG at Juventus and does not want to return to France.

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