Lionel Messi rooted for Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham becomes

Lionel Messi is one of the best footballers in the world. Recently, he was picked as one of the judges for the Kopa Award. The Award is given every year to the best-performing player who is currently under the age of 21 years. Messi chose Jude Bellingham as one of his top choices for this award.

Lionel Messi picked Jude Bellingham

For the Kopa Award, every judge has to give three names that they think have performed outstandingly well in the given year. This year’s judges include Messi, Jean-Pierre Papin, Zinedine Zidane, Kaka, Rivaldo, Matthias Sammer, Luis Suarez, and Michael Owen.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi placed Barcelona youngster Gavi as the top player followed by his PSG team-mate Nuno Mendes and Jude Bellingham.

The Argentine forward’s backing is surely going to give a lot of confidence to the English youngster. He is also right now on the radar of many cash-rich European clubs.

Jude Bellingham on his future

It is expected that Borussia Dortmund will ask for a hefty price for their young star next season. With many European clubs showing considerable interest in him, he is surely going to break all records at the transfer window next summer.

However, the English footballer does not want to look too deep into the future. He wants to keep all the excitement around him low. In a recent interview, he said a lot of words in appreciation of his current club. He said:

“I had qualities I didn’t know I had, it’s all down to them. I feel like a lot of aspects of my game have improved – defensively, offensively, as a leader off the pitch too. The club have done loads for me and made me feel very welcome since I first came.”

He further added:

“And gave me the opportunities to develop even further. To look past that and into the future would be disrespectful. It’s not something I am thinking about, to be honest.”

He is expected to give a fine performance for the England national team in the coming FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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