Man City denies all 115 FFP breaching charges on them

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Man City have completely and utterly denied the 115 charges of financial misbehavior. They will soon face off against the Premier League. An exact date for Manchester City’s hearing under the Profit & Sustainability Rules against the Premier League has not yet been revealed. The hearing will take place, later this year.

Richard Masters did not provide any additional details. However, League President Richard Masters hinted last month that it would happen sooner rather than later. Stefan Borson, a former financial advisor for Manchester City, spoke about this. Borson feels that the Premier League would be better off losing the 115-charge case. He believes that in order to prevent hurting its own competition, they should lose the case.

Stefan Borson on the Manchester City case

He said, “If they take this action and are successful against Manchester City, they will just discredit their own Premier League. And if they don’t, the position you have is for the Premier League to reverse at this stage.

“It may be in the interests of the Premier League to take it to the independent commission and lose. To actually try and unwind it at this stage is going to be very difficult for the board of the Premier League.”

Man city have denied all charges. Given below is the example of a charge on city as seen on the Manchester Evening News.

One of the alleged Charges on Man city

1. In respect of each of Seasons 2009/10 to 2017/18 inclusive, the Premier League Rules applicable in those seasons that required provision by a member club to the Premier League, in the utmost good faith, of accurate financial information that gives a true and fair view of the club’s financial position, in particular with respect to its revenue (including sponsorship revenue), its related parties and its operating costs, namely: (a) for Season 2009/10, Premier League Rules B.13, C.71, C.72, C.75 (amended to C.79 from 10 September 2009 for the remainder of Season 2009/10) and C.80; (b) for Season 2010/11.

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