Premier League Champions dealt with huge legal issue

Manchester City

Manchester City is going to learn their fate for breaching the FFP rules (Financial Fair Play). According to Football Insider the hearing regarding this financial issue will occur in November.

What really happened?

According to Football insider, the Manchester based club was breaching FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules for nine years. This happened due to their spending spree in several transfer windows. In spending rule of Financial Fair Play, each and every club can invest a fixed amount of money in a single window. In other words the maximum spending limit is fixed for every club. But the citizens have shown a different picture. They have signed elite players like Erling Haland, Julian Alvarez, Mate Kovacic, Jeremy Doku, Matheus Nunes, Claudio Everecchi and many more. These transfers costed them millions and millions of euros. The amount of money they used to spent in a single transfer window can easily be the lifetime transfer budget for some clubs.

According to Football Insider, the case is in a bad condition. It is being said that Manchester City was found guilty under 115 charges of Financial Fair Play rule back in February of 2023. Since then there have been some rumors that this year they will hear the verdict in a secret mode. They are doing it for the complex nature of the case. After some days the verdict will be disclosed to the public. In previous season, points were deducted from Everton for breaching Financial Fair Play rules. Several media sources are claiming that Manchester City can get relegated from English Premier League for breaching FFP rules for nine years.

Reaction of Manchester City

The reigning Premier League Champions has refused to bend their head in front of the central governing body of English Premier League. They are optimistic about winning the case because they believe they haven’t done any thing wrong. So, they will hire a lawyer for defending their actions. Manchester City has labelled the Financial Fair Play spending rule as ‘unlawful‘. According to Football Insider, both parties have agreed on a private hearing about the case. This meeting will start from 10 June and will take almost two weeks.

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The bigger picture beyond the case

Earlier people used to think that any team in the English Premier League can win the title. In 2015-2016 season, newly promoted Leicester City won the Premier League title. They have proven that small teams can also win this tough league. But now this event is becoming unrealistic because of unending citizen dominance. Although there are several big teams such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, West Ham, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, but no one is winning Premier League consecutively. Manchester City has made Premier League a piece of cake for them. So, this type of heavy spending should be prevented in order to retain the essence of Premier League. Some punishment is needed for their action.

Big teams like Manchester City buy elite players at any cost. By investing astronomical amount of money, they can build a world-class squad at any time. On the other hand, the teams who are not financially strong, cannot afford such expensive transfers. So, they rely on their own academy talents. This uneven spending is causing a disbalance in English Premier League. For example, Manchester City has won fourth consecutive English Premier League title. This information tells us about the negative effect of uneven spending. This is the longest winning streak in the history of English Premier League. In the entire football community, English Premier League was considered as the toughest European league because all the teams had the ability to defeat one another.

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