Manchester City Eyeing Newcastle Star: David Ornstein’s Take

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The transfer gossip is the famous part of the football world. Where the false rumors and conjectures about the players who are in high demand are ever present. It is important to mention that Anthony Gordon is the winger from Newcastle United right now who is the talk of the town. Newcastle just doesn’t want to let him go but Manchester City is after the English player sparking a wave of speculations.

Notwithstanding the general lack of coverage in the media, David Ornstein still possesses a good reputation of a skilled football journalist. Manchester City, famous for taking on other Premier League clubs, decides to buy the young aspirant winger, Anthony Gordon. Ornstein’s comments on The Athletic online forum, resulted in an explosion of curiosity. He implied that the Citizens are not the only club trying to get Gordon.

The Rise of Anthony Gordon: A Premier League Sensation

Besides all the numbers that he has got, his story behind the success is also the reason why people are keen on seeing his progress. Many fans’ opinions about whether the £45million fee could be justified was shown in the Newcastle’s readiness to finance the football striker’s skills growth. Since joining, the player registered 64 outings for the side of Eddie Howe including the Europa League. He has scored 13 goals and provided a total of 11 assists.

This campaign of Premier League Anthony Gordon proved to be his most influential in terms of safety. Taking over the role of the leader who ranks well on some of the statistics like the shots at goal, dribble success, progressive carries, shot-creating actions, and goal-creating actions. ‘The 23-year-old’ became the creator and the leader of the team. Now, his explosive stage performances are not the only things on his mind. Looks like Premier League clubs are also closely watching his progress. Manchester United’s rival clubs such as Manchester City and others show much interest in him now.

The irony lies in the question of whether Gordon wants to move to Manchester City or Newcastle United is unable to keep their players. Similarly, many of the fans share Ornstein’s mindset that there is a thanks for it that he is going not to leave the Club. However, right now, Newcastle does not want to part with their top-ranked player and the club is strong in the players estimation. It seems that the chances of him going to Manchester City are very slim.

Gordon’s Future: Manchester City or Newcastle United?

Transferring and selling players during the transfer window involves, among many things – money, contracts, and how willingly both sides agree to finish the process. Manchester City is likely to be up against all these problems if they want to capture Anthony Gordon. While Gordan is eager to be at Manchester City, Newcastle is not willing to let him go.

If Manchester City purchased a young player this summer, then Anthony Gordon would be her pick. But most football deals are complicated. Every detail has to line up carefully in order for them to be closed. The coming days will be critical for Gordon. It will determine his future in the world of football through careful monitoring of every step taken.

When it comes to Anthony Gordon the case is quite complicated. Given that these clubs have shown their interest in him, Manchester City and Newcastle United could make a big transfer deal involving him. Even though their stand and transfer complications might pose some problems. Fans wonder, commentators think but nothing is clearer than the fact that transfers in football are uncertain.

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