Manchester City hit by 115 charges as new documents emerge

Phil Foden - Manchester City

Manchester City have been warned that any appeals made against their 115 charges are unlikely to succeed.

City’s case is yet to begin after the club was charged with financial offences dating back to 2009.

Each individual charge will be heard by an independent panel and City will be provided with an opportunity to appeal the final verdicts.

However, the verdict from Nottingham Forest’s unsuccessful appeal this week explains that future appeals are “unlikely to succeed”.

Forest were deducted four points earlier this season after breaching Profit and Sustainability Rules in their 2022-23 accounts by £34.5million.

New docs warn Manchester City of 115 charges

In section 84 of Forest’s verdict, the appeal board states that:

allegations of infelicities of language or errors which are not material to the ultimate decision add to the complexity and costs of proceedings and are rarely likely to lead to a successful challenge of a decision.”

The statement from the board comes after Everton appealed both of their verdicts. Also when Forest appealed their four-point deduction.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters revealed last month that City will face a hearing for their 115 alleged breaches in the “near future”.

City’s case will “run into 2026” with hearings not set to begin until early 2025. That is according to Former Everton CEO Keith Wyness.

If found guilty of their charges, City could face a significant points deduction or even relegation. City have previously been accused of doing shady deals in the past as well. It remains to be seen what the outcome of the case will be and what repercussions it will have on the rest of the teams.

Manchester City currently find themselves in a tight title race with Arsenal. Each game will be a final for each of them as both wait to pounce on other’s slip ups.

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