Midfielder for Real Madrid sets one stipulation for a contract extension


Real Madrid midfielder, Toni Kroos, has been a key player for the club over the years. The German international has been with the club since 2014 and has been instrumental in helping the team win several titles including La Liga, the Champions League, and the Club World Cup. Despite his impressive performance on the pitch, Kroos has set one condition for renewing his contract with the club.

The midfielder’s current contract with Real Madrid is set to expire in 2023, but reports suggest that he wants to extend his stay at the club. However, Kroos has made it clear that he will only renew his contract if the club agrees to his one condition. According to reports, Kroos wants the club to offer him a two-year contract instead of the standard one-year extension that the club usually offers to its players.

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The reason behind Kroos’ demand is simple. The midfielder believes that a two-year contract will provide him with more stability and security. It will also allow him to plan his future with the club without having to worry about renewing his contract every year. Furthermore, Kroos feels that a two-year contract will allow him to focus on his performance on the pitch, knowing that his future with the club is secure.

What did the midfielder say?

Kroos’ demand for a two-year contract has raised some eyebrows within the club, but many believe that it is a reasonable request. The midfielder has been one of the best players in the club’s history and has been instrumental in helping the team win several titles. Therefore, many feel that the club should consider his request and offer him a two-year contract.

However, there are some who believe that Kroos’ demand for a two-year contract is not in the best interest of the club. They feel that it is a risky move as Kroos is already 32 years old, and his performance could decline in the next two years. Furthermore, they feel that offering a two-year contract to a player in his thirties is not something that the club usually does.

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