Paris Saint Germain have their eyes locked on Brazilian Wonderkid

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This summer, Paris Saint-Germain changed their transfer policy. They are going for guys who want to establish themselves and play for the badge. The goal of the capital club is to assemble a squad instead than focusing on celebrity players like Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr.

Brazilian Magic

Estevão Willian of Palmeiras is one of the names that the Ligue 1 powerhouses may be considering for a future deal. Top European teams are showing interest in the 16-year-old as a possible transfer target.

Have Paris Saint Germain, City, and Barça spotted me? I know those amazing clubs are interested in me, so sometimes it’s a bit hard to explain,” Willian remarked.

“[But] I’m concentrated on honing my football skills and doing everything in my power to get into those clubs, advance, and become the greatest player in the world.”

Paris Saint Germain on Pole Position

PSG already particularly has the midfielder of the future playing right now with Warren Zaïre-Emery in a big way. Furthermore, the pretty French giants wouldn’t generally hesitate to actually pay the basically young Brazilian if they were to land him in a subtle way. If the wonderkid were to, for all intents and purposes, agree to actually join PSG. He’d essentially have to wait until his 18th birthday to actually leave Brazil in a major way. Willian will particularly be a hot commodity. So seeing if the pretty French giants can literally beat the competition. Generally continue improving the midfield will specifically be interesting, or so they specifically thought.

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