Paris Saint-Germain will do an extensive spring cleaning?

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The defeat against Manchester City in the semi-final of the Champions League would have made Pochettino think that an extensive spring cleaning is required at PSG. Though there are two solutions possible solutions for Pochettino: change everything during the summer Mercato or give more time to the team to improve.

But now it looks like Pochettino is instead considering to continue trusting his team. In the latest transfer news, Paris Saint-Germain announced the extension of Neymar’s contract.  This new contract count for an additional season. Neymar will be paid €30 million. His salary will be a little bit less than his last contract (€36 million per year). 

The next step is to extend Kylian Mbappé, but while that sorts itself out. It would also like Kylian Mbappé (22-year-old striker) to extend his contract (which currently runs until 2022), otherwise, leaving would be possible.

An extensive PSG spring cleaning with lot of doubt : 

The capital club will focus on Ligue 1 while also keeping an eye on 2021-22. Since this year the transfer market opens on June 9 and closes on August 31. 

The line of defenders will be the main work, behind the uncontested duo Marquinhos-Kimpembe. For his part, Kehrer does not have a huge rating internally. Therefore, the idea of integrating him in a deal was born this winter. Diallo has the confidence of the staff, but on the management side, he would have a ticket out if an interesting offer is made. For Florenzi, PSG is actively looking for an alternative.

From the side of Mauro Icardi, he risks needing to find another club for the next season. He spends his time in front. It also weighs on the club’s finances €12 million in salary per year but does not weigh on the defenses. For example, against Manchester City, he was very discreet: zero strikes, 16 balls affected in the match. 

On the other hand, Bakker has not convinced Mauricio Pochettino. Bernat’s extension is on track. This does not prevent Paris from looking at high-level laterals. The future of Dagba in Paris is not written especially because of recurrent muscle injuries. 

Kalimuendo could be an option for a backup next season after an interesting season in Lens. Maybe he will want more playing time and PSG can keep Moise Kean

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