Portuguese Star Position Still under Doubts

Julian Araujo

Portuguese star Joao Cancelo has been one of those important additions because his arrival on loan from Premier League winners Manchester City thrilled many in the Catalan city, and with good reason—he already had a stellar reputation for technical skill.

Big Contribution

He has made incalculable offensive contributions to the squad. Cancelo is the epitome of an attacking fullback. Capable of taking shots and frequently generating opportunities that even the midfield cannot handle.

But as SPORT points out, Portuguese star ultra-offensive style often leaves a ton of space. Open for the opponent to take advantage of on his flank. Cancelo’s offensive prowess was evident in previous games. But some of the more recent confrontations have shown the drawbacks of his higher-upfield positioning.

Changes look Imminent

Barcelona’s fast-paced sets against Porto, Mallorca, and even Celta Vigo caused them problems. In spite of this, Xavi will need to make changes to stop his team from giving up goals as frequently as they have this year.

Xavi was able to counterbalance his offensive tendencies in the previous campaign. By starting three defensively-minded players in the back four in addition to Alejandro Balde. Given that neither Cancelo nor Balde can be cut, this is no longer an option therefore Xavi and Barcelona may still concentrate on finding alternative answers.

Portuguese Star is an Asset

Using Cancelo with greater limitations on free roaming could be beneficial. This would make it more likely to neutralize any flank counterattacks, but it would also negatively impact Cancelo’s offensive potential, which Xavi hopes to utilize the most.

In the end, Barcelona will gain a great deal from whichever path Xavi decides to take; however, utilizing Joao Cancelo to the greatest extent possible might help Xavi’s Barcelona team achieve success that they haven’t yet experienced. He is an exceptional talent.

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