Premier League Clubs without VAR : An Imagination

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Despite having a slow start to the Premier League season. Chelsea has benefited more than any other side from the deployment of VAR.

Chelsea Biggest Winners

The largest beneficiaries of its employment are the Blues. Who are now at 15 points but would be at 12 without the technology, dropping them two spots in the league standings.

These days, VAR is the talk of the town practically every week. With controversy dominating some of the Premier League’s most high-profile games. It played a significant role in Chelsea’s match against Tottenham on Monday. As the Blues had two goals disallowed and Cristian Romero received a red card after a VAR review in the first half.

Liverpool Controversy

The technology came under scrutiny earlier in the season. When Luis Diaz, a winger for Liverpool, had a goal against Spurs disallowed for offside following a VAR assessment, despite the fact that he was onside. The topic of how different the Premier League standings may appear without VAR has been highlighted by the latest involvements from the technology. Which also had a significant impact on Newcastle’s recent victory against Arsenal.

Without VAR, Chelsea would be three points worse off. Sitting in 12th position and just six points above the relegation zone. After a VAR review against Arsenal last month, they were awarded a critical penalty, and on the first day of the season, Liverpool’s winning goal against the Blues was disallowed.
Without VAR, the top two teams in the Premier League table would stay the same, but Arsenal and Liverpool, in third and fourth place, respectively, would have one fewer point. Currently ranked ninth and thirteenth, respectively, Brentford and Nottingham Forest would also be in the same situation.

Premier League Clubs United and Arsenal

If VAR had not been implemented, Manchester United would have gained two extra points and would have moved up one spot. Taking a position opposite seventh-place Brighton. Even though they would be equal on points with Bournemouth and Luton Town. Burnley would still be in the bottom three despite having two additional points.
Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, referred to Newcastle’s victory over his club last Saturday as a “disgrace”. After VAR rendered three critical rulings that enabled the goal to stand. The north Londoners then released a strongly worded statement requesting that the Premier League officiating standards be “urgently addressed.”

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